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Central Research Services-CRS

The CRS was organized in 1954 through the unification of the National Public Opinion Research Institute and the research division of the JIJI Press Ltd..
The CRS has permanent facilities in its Tokyo headquarter, in two regional offices in Nagoya and Osaka, and in the 54 branch offices throughout Japan.
We offer full service and do all work in-house ... defining survey objectives, questionnaire design and pre-coding, developing tabulation specifications, sample design, editing and coding.
The CRS has 35 full-time staffs and 55 regional field supervisors, as well as over 700 trained interviewers. We conduct more than 200 surveys consist of over 200,000 interviews every year.

The types of custom studies usually conducted are listed below:

Advertising Studies Corporate Image Product Usage
Brand Attitude Concept Studies Public Opinion Studies
Brand Awareness Life-Style Studies Shopper Studies
Brand Image Media Evaluation Studies Social Attitude Studies

Other Ad hoc Surveys and Consumer Market Studies

Omnibus Survey/Syndicated Service/Master Samples: